How This Target Store Went Out Of Their Way To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive For One Young Customer

Getting that ‘perfect’ gift for your child is huge during Christmas, and there’s nothing worse than when there’s a problem with that gift , especially if Santa brought it. After all, it’s often hard to explain to your little one why you’re going to Target to make an exchange when Santa was the one who brought the gift. That’s the exact problem on Michigan mom faced when her daughter’s big present, a My Friend Cayla Doll, didn’t work after it was opened due to a manufacturers defect.

Michele Berg had a sad little girl on her hands when she opened her talking doll on Christmas morning only to discover that her doll wouldn’t talk. Michele did some quick thinking and told her daughter that Santa works with Target and that they would go to the store when it opens and get a new doll. Michele outlined what happened in a post that she wrote on Target’s facebook page that has now been viewed over half a million times.

“This year my daughter recieved her dream doll that came from Target. This was her BIG present from Santa. After she opened it, we found it had a manufacter’s defect in it. The spring was missing where the batteries went, so they would not stay in. The doll did not work. She was devestated and we had tears. Due to the price of this doll, she only had 2 other small toys for Christmas. I told her Santa works with Target and we’d figure something out once Santa rested up from Christmas Eve.”


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