How This Brand Is Embracing Diversity and Promoting a Positive Body Image in Teens!

During my senior year of high school I bought my prom dress during the beginning of the school year. I didn’t have a prom date, I didn’t have a plan, and heck my high school didn’t even have their plan for our senior prom yet. But I saw this beautiful navy blue cut-out dress that I absolutely had to have.

Between September and May, I gained 15 high school senior pounds. I was mortified but I had no choice but to skip my prom that year simply because I didn’t have anything to wear and couldn’t find a dress that would fit my new body.

It’s been well over twenty years and I’ve definitely gotten over the ordeal. But if I were a senior in high today, it would be a different story thanks to companies like PromGirl and PromGuy. Their brand is embracing diversity and promoting positive body images in teens that no one else has done before.

And their recent fashion show just shows how they’ve managed to create a brand that every teen can relate to, regardless of their background, size, or even style for that matter.

Prom Girl Runway
Credit: Photographer Brian Ach / PromGirl

They stole the show at NYFW and their message is so important.

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