How Much Do Those Type of Film Stars Really Get Paid?

The 18+ film industry isn’t a world that I really think of very often. In fact, I don’t pay much attention to it unless one of its stars or celebrities just happens to make major headline news for one reason or another. Otherwise, I take it that actors and actresses do their jobs and expect to be paid at the end of the week just like the rest of us. But… how much do they really earn?

According to industry insiders, you would be surprised by how much these film industry stars really make. And no, it’s not what you think at all. We’ve got all the answers – and you’d be surprised to find out how much it really is.

According to The Independent, these type of film actors aren’t necessarily cashing in the same checks that their Hollywood counterparts do on a regular basis. Sure, there are some actors out there that make a pretty penny and can afford a luxury lifestyle, but that isn’t always the industry norm.

Derek Hay, founder of LA Direct Models in Las Vegas, says it all depends on what an actor or actress is willing to do.

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How much do these stars make per movie or per year?

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