How Much People Tip Teachers, Babysitters, and Daycare Staffers for the Holidays

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While I absolutely love showing my children’s teachers our appreciation for the incredible (and hard!) work they do for our kids, I don’t know how I would feel about “tipping” them. In fact, I’ve never heard of the practice before until I came across this article on how much we should tip money we should be giving teachers, childcare professionals and anyone else who takes care of our children while we are away (including babysitters as well).

According to Yahoo Parenting, we should keep in mind the people who take care of our kids the most during the holiday season. But while I usually like to buy small gifts or pool my money with other parents to buy our teachers a class gift (which is usually organized by the homeroom mom), I’ve never really considered giving a “tip.” But according to some experts, I should.

Here’s a little more:

The people who care for our children are one of the biggest categories to consider when planning holiday gifts. In a December survey on Park Slope Parents, a parenting group in Brooklyn, New York, 425 respondents indicated a few average tip or gift amounts. For babysitters, a week’s pay (or $80 for an occasional sitter) was the typical gift. At a preschool or daycare, the head teacher got around $63 while a secondary teacher’s take was around $47. In the K-12 world, teachers averaged $39, as did special services teachers, and afterschool providers got $37.

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