This Is How Long Time In The Bedroom Should Last, According To A New Study

You average or too low?

There use to be a time when parents were people before being parents. Yes, I know technically we all are people. But there’s this new identity that starts to form pretty quickly after you become mom and dad. It plays a huge role in your life, outside of even just what you do as a parent. “Mom” or “Dad” can impact how your relationship continues to grow or stall out. And that new title plays a role in intimacy with your partner. No longer are you blocked to get into the bedroom by friends at the club, but babies who need you. This leads to the need to be creative and that has a real impact on how long it should last.

You know what I mean? As parents and as a couple, you now have to work in a fast hellllo there with your partner before your kids wake up. You have to make sure you’re quiet so they don’t wake up. And your ears are always just slightly open to whatever is going on outside the bedroom. Because you don’t want to be one of those parents who scar their kids for life, right?

After a while of this, you can start to worry and wonder if your intimate life is off because of this. No one really talks too much about how long it should last or how other people find time for it.

Until now, because science knows were all curious. 

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Devan McGuinness

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