How Green And Orange Concealer Might Be The Secret To A Flawless Face

As a woman in my early forties, I grew up using pretty basic makeup techniques that have carried over to my makeup routine as an adult. Basically my makeup routine consists of moisturiser, powder, lip gloss and touch of mascara. If I’m going out at night I may use a primer and some skin toned concealer, but I’ve often found that sometimes if my skin is a bit red or I have a blemish, the skin tone concealer doesn’t manage to actually conceal my blemish at all.

Heidi Hamoud is a makeup artist who does YouTube tutorials and her trick for using orange and green concealers to hide under eye circles and blemishes might just change your entire makeup routine!  Basically, she’s colour correcting her purple under eye circles and any veins that are visible on her eyelids and face by using an orange concealer, and correcting any redness or blemishes using a green concealer. It sounds crazy, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you think of it.


After the colour correcting is done Heidi then applies a regular skin matching concealer before finishing her makeup routine and the results are pretty amazing.

Check out Heidi’s full tutorial below and let me know if you think you’ll give the orange and green concealer trick a try! I think I am definitely going to try this one out.


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