Men Are Doing More Housework Than Ever Before

But Things Still Aren't Equal on the Homefront

I would venture a guess that if you asked most women what it was about their spouses or partners that bugged them the most, it would be that they don’t help out enough at home. For generations, housework was considered women’s work. But as more and more women leave the home to enter the workforce, the imbalance has remained. They work, they take care of the kids, and inexplicably, they also have to do all the chores! It’s incredibly annoying, not to mention exhausting and emotionally draining. But two new studies say that the balance may be shifting ever so slightly to center.

Men are doing more housework than ever before. Recognizing that they need to be equally contributing partners, they’re throwing on the rubber gloves and getting that dustpan out. It’s about damn time! And it’s pretty necessary to the health of a relationship.

A recent study said that fighting over doing the dishes led to unhappiness in relationships. Which on the surface, seems trivial. However, it’s more about the underlying issue of emotional labor, and women aren’t putting up with it anymore. So the news from these studies is promising! But things aren’t exactly equal just yet.

Happiness really is a partner who will do the dishes!

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