These Are the Sexiest Pregnant Celebrities EVER — According to Men

The last time I felt hot was during my pregnancy. In fact, it was also the last time I wore a bikini on the beach. Sure, I might have been 50 pounds heavier than my normal weight, but I also felt incredibly confident about each and every new curve on my body along with my growing baby bump. There was just something about being pregnant and glowing and proud that made me want to wear a bikini and not have one care in the world.

Of course, I don’t feel that same way when I’m NOT pregnant (I’m even more self-conscious about my body now than I was before) but I did love feeling hot and dare I even say, sexy. And apparently, the opposite sex feel the same way when they see a pregnant woman full of body confidence walk right passed them. That’s why some of the hottest stars in the celebrity world have just been named the sexiest pregnant celebrities in the world. According to guys, that is. And honestly, I agree with each and every person who made the list here.

Olivia Wilde
Credit: Instagram/@oliviawilde

Find out who made the list!

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