Hot Dudes With Kittens Is the Most Purrfect Instagram Account Ever

hot dudes with kittens
Credit: Instagram / @hotdudeswithkittens

It seems like there are more days where we sign on to social media and we’re hit in the face with terrible news. Scary news, sad news, or confusing news. We see it time and again and I don’t know if it’s the climate of society right now, or if it’s just that now that I’m an adult and do adulty things that I notice that the world isn’t as sunshine and rainbows as I thought it was when I was younger.

All the negative can be hard for maintaining happiness or balance and that’s why it’s very important to not take everything so seriously. We need to have moments where we can just turn off the noise in our head and appreciate the good things in the world. See the beauty and the cute and appreciate those things that put a smile on our face.

hot dudes
Credit: Instagram / @hotdudeswithkittens

And if you’re looking for a little more of that in your life right now, we’ve found the perfect way to find the sunshine and rainbows that has been missing. This time it’s in the form of adorable little fuzzy kittens and really hot dudes.

You can feed your soul that is thirsty for the good things in the world and well, make you thirsty at the same time.

So, grab a cup of coffee, clean off your glasses and scroll through because this is so purrfect!

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