Honor Roll Student Suspended and Threatened Over Shirt That Violated Dress Code

Tell me again that dress codes are meant for a reason. Tell me again that students simply need to follow dress code rules and everything will be fine. Tell me again that dress codes don’t unfairly target our daughters and reduce them to nothing more than their body type. Tell me again that a boy’s education isn’t more important than a girl’s education.

I’ve written about dress codes here before and how much I hate them as they seem to only sexualize girls and young ladies by implying that showing their shoulders or arms or belly or thigh or any part of their body that isn’t below their knee and elbows is distracting to boys, and ‘unbecoming’ of girls. Still, so many of you defend it, writing that if people simply followed the dress code then there would be no issues. I’m hoping this story changes your mind and shows you just how out of hand school dress codes have gotten and how school authorities are using them to wield power over female students.

An honor roll student from Harrisburg, North Carolina was recently suspended and threatened with arrest at her school all over a shirt that dared show too much of her collar bone.

dress code violation
Credit: WCNC News

This is getting out of control!

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