12 Things in Your Home You’ve Probably Been Using Wrong Your Entire Life

I’ve never realized that there are so many simple and easy to use life hacks out there that can make your day-to-life much easier. I’ve spent way too much time struggling with the little things in life when I could have been doing more important tasks.

Now that I’m using more life hacks in my daily routine, I can’t help but wonder why hasn’t anyone told me these little secrets before! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cooked way too much pasta, struggled to keep a shirt from getting wrinkled or heck, even open a jar of peanut butter. Trust me when I say that some of these life hacks will definitely blow your mind. With that being said, you can thank us later, too.

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Here are 12 things in your home you may have been using wrong your entire life!

1. That Oven Drawer

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Yes, I’ll be the first person to admit that I never read instructions or manual packets when we buy new kitchen or household items. And yes, I do use the bottom of my oven to store some of my extra pots and pans! I cannot believe that I was actually supposed to store hot foods in there the entire time. I always put it in the microwave instead!

2. Juice Box Has Handles

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I believe the last time I drank out of a juice box I was in elementary school. And I also believe that I used to tear apart the box after I was finished drinking whatever was inside it. If I could turn back time to my 10-year-old self, I would learn how to drink out of juice boxes this way, which happens to be the right way. Mind officially blown.

3. Loop

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Even though I see this on shirts all the time, I’ve never really put any thought as to why they are there or what the point of these loops were. They are designed to help you hang shirts so they get wrinkled. And I’ve been putting my not-so-clean yet not-so-dirty shirts on a chair. Duh!

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