Your Holiday Survival Guide, Part One: Dealing With All That Food

Your Holiday Survival Guide, Part One: Dealing With All That Food

By Nancy Kalish

The holidays should be a joyous time. But for many of us they herald several weeks of too many obligations, too much stress and too much tempting food. So it’s all too easy to overeat — leading to that ubiquitous holiday weight gain. Even health coaches like me are not immune. Bring me to a party with platters of delicious, once-a-year holiday cookies and I can easily scarf down a half-dozen.

But everyone can prevent out-of-control eating while still enjoying a cookie or two. The key: Stop before you start. Just try these strategies that I share with my clients.

Stop-before-you-start Strategy No. 1: Buy instead of baking.
I know … everyone loves your famous cheese straws or double-fudge brownies. But it’s hard to resist nibbling on them before and after they’re served. If possible, I suggest bringing store-bought treats to parties. Or if you must bring something homemade, why not make a beautiful fruit salad or a healthy, yummy side dish with lots of veggies? Don’t laugh: You’d be surprised by how many people appreciate such contributions even more.

Stop-before-you-start Strategy No. 2: Fill up before you go.

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