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The Rasmopolitian Body Scrub from FarmHouse Fresh

There are certain people on your list that are always notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Either they have everything or you have no idea what they want or maybe you just want to get them a little treat to let them know you care but have no idea where to start. This body scrub is here to solve that problem.
The Rasmopolitian Body scrub, from FarmHouse Fresh is the perfect treat for any of your hard-to-gift friends or family members. It’s all of the best things about cocktails and beauty products rolled into one glorious tub of skin-softening luxury. This sea-salt scrub is infused with Square One Organic vodka, rice bran oil and fresh raspberry extract-all of which are great for your skin. It’s made up of 97% natural and naturally-derived ingredients and is paraben and sulfate free.

Having worked with numerous beauty publications throughout my career, I’ve tried many a beauty product. One of the most important things on the list for me when it comes to products, is scent. The Rasmopolitan Body Scrub checks that box and then some. Let me try to describe this heavenly smell for you: It’s like an immediate transport to a sunny locale, with warm water, attractive cabana boys and brightly-colored drinks complete with little straw hats. There’s a subtle raspberry scent, but not enough to make it sweet and a very subdued coconut note. It’s a clean-fruit smell, not a candy-fruit smell and I love that.

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