You’ve Never Seen Anyone More Fierce Than This Amazing Pregnant Woman Hip-Hop Dancing at 27 Weeks

Here is the thing. Do I see anything wrong with this women dancing ?? NO! What I do see is someone who wanted to go viral and thought this was the best way to get her business seen.  After all the stunts we have seen this summer with fake pregnancies, dad’s blowing up kids and more I am having a hard time believing anyone is innocent and looking for their 5 minutes of fame! But, in the slightest chance she is genuine then good for her!

What is the video?  Christine Litle a 27-weeks-pregnant woman is shakin’ and hoppin’ and believes women can stay fit throughout pregnancy!  Some of her friends or friends of friends say she is putting her baby in danger with her intense gestational gesticulation.  While many others agree that what she is doing is right!

Christina isn’t letting her haters get her down. Instead she fires back:

“Let me preface this video with, I’ve danced my whole life, and it is COMPLETELY safe to maintain the level of activity your body is used to while pregnant. I’m not hurting my baby…the baby is not getting “Shaken baby syndrome” and no…the child is not experiencing whiplash. For those who insist they “know” I was in pain doing this and hurting myself, this didn’t “hurt” in the least and I wasn’t “injured” after doing this dance. This is my third baby, and I taught dance up to nearly delivering with both of my daughters. They came out healthy and perfect. I do what I know my body can handle. I’m pregnant…not disabled.

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