Hilary Duff Shows Off Her ‘Flaws’ In Swimsuit Beach Photo

I really love following Hilary Duff on social media. And it’s not because she’s cute, sometimes quirky and just an all-around positive and fun loving gal, but because she always seems like she loves what she’s doing. It doesn’t matter if she’s at work, at home with her son Luca or with her fans, the blonde beauty always looks cheerful and full of sunshine. She’s got the kind of positive attitude that is contagious (and in a good way, of course).

I’m sure a lot of her fans feel the same way about her and that’s why so many people follow Hilary Duff on Instagram everyday. Yet, they were pretty surprised after she posted this rather lengthy post on her account the other day. That’s because they never expected to hear something like this from Hilary before.

Hilary Duff takes no makeup selfie
Credit: Instagram / @hilaryduff

Hilary Duff is pointing out all of her hang ups before her critics do.

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