Hilarious Thank You Cards: How To Write Thank You Cards For Your Kids

Have you ever thought how to write a thank you card? We have some hilarious  thank you cards and a tutorial on how to write thank you cards for your kids.


My son just celebrated his third birthday. It just seems like yesterday I was muffling the sound of his newborn cries in my hospital room because I didn’t tell any of my clients I was having a baby. Time is flying by. He is growing into a sweet young man and I am turning into an old woman with emotional problems.

Thank You

I threw a pirate themed party for more kids than I could count. After the guests had left we opened the mountain of presents left behind. I am a stickler for writing thank you notes. Since my kids are all so young they can’t exactly write their own cards. They need their mom to provide the content so they can sign it, stamp it, and place it in the mailbox. Much like our annual Christmas card I like to make our cards something to remember. I highly recommend this strategy and it might give them something to laugh about once they can realize what they have really signed.

For example:

Aunt Meggie, Sydney, and William,

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