HGTV Star Explains Why You Should Never Ask a Woman When She’s Going to Have a Baby

Just this week on a Facebook group I belong to, one woman wrote about how frustrating and humiliating it is when someone asks you if you’re pregnant simply because you’re carrying a bit of extra weight around your midsection.

That comment inspired a lengthy list of things we women would really wish people would simply keep their mouths shut about. The general consensus was unless a woman tells you they’re pregnant or they’re in the hospital crowning, it’s never a good time to ask if they’re expecting. Same goes when asking a pregnant woman ‘you sure you’re not expecting twins?!’ because they have a large baby bump. Yes, hormonal pregnant women love that question.

Another question that should never be asked is the tried and true, ‘when are you going to start having a baby?’ question so many couples get, sometimes starting right on the wedding night!

Often times it’s easy to shrug it off if its an elderly aunt or your grandma asking, but when random friends and family members and even strangers begin to ask, it simply crosses the line.

Having a baby is a personal decision for any couple, and one that isn’t as easy as simply deciding it’s time to get pregnant.

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Credit: Instagram / @erinapier

One HGTV star is opening up about her own experiences and why it’s never a good idea to ask a couple when they’re going to start a family.

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