Hezekiah, Gertrude And Eurydice Top The Most Popular Baby Names For 2016


Picking my children’s names was one of the most difficult things I had to come up with during my two pregnancies. My husband and I kept on going back and forth with our top five lists until we narrowed it down to the two names we liked the most and ultimately picked out the right name only moments before making our way to the hospital. Because let’s face it, the name you give your child will not only create an identity for them, but most likely mold their personalities, too. I mean, have you ever seen Emma, Liam, Olivia, Aiden or a Sophia that wasn’t absolutely adorable? Some of these monikers scream “I’m cute” from a distance!

But according to Good Housekeeping’s print edition this week, it looks like there is going to be a major shift in the baby name world for the upcoming year. And as much as we see the Noahs, Jacobs, Ethans, and Mias on the pre-school playgrounds, it looks like they’ll also be joined by a handful of Theodores, Deborahs, Leias, and more. Check out their top list of baby names for 2016 and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


While biblical names have literally been around for millennia — we’re looking at you: Mary, John, Luke, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mark, Matthew, Noah, and David — some of the less prevalent ones are making a comeback. Other chart-climbers: Malachi, Josiah, Ephriam, Delilah, and, yes, Judith.


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