An Angel And A Hero: This Little Boy Saved His Sister’s Life By Sacrificing His Own

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This is absolutely heartbreaking! This 11-year-old boy risked his own life in front of an oncoming car just so he could save his little sister’s life.

La’Darious Wylie saved his sister Sha’Vonta’s life from a speeding car near a bus stop near their home at 7:30am last Tuesday. Seeing the vehicle headed toward them, La’Darious lunged, pushed his sister out of the way, and received the full impact of the crash. An entire group of children witnessed the crash and La’Darious died from his injuries the next day.

“He knew to look out for her,” his mother, Elizabeth McCrorey, said of her heroic son.

The driver of the oncoming car, 57-year-old Michelle Johnson, reportedly sped off before Sha’Vonta had even gotten up from the ground. Two days later she was charged with felony hit and run and now faces up to 25 years in prison.

Although sweet, brave La’Darious is forever gone, I am sure his sister will be forever grateful for the huge sacrifice he made for her. Friends, there’s no reason to speed (or text and drive). Let’s use both caution and common sense on the road to avoid these horrible accidents that we read about on almost a daily basis. Our thoughts are with La’Darious’ family during this painful time.

Source via Yahoo Parenting

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