HERO! The Principal Sacrifices Her Life Saving Students When A School Bus Jumps A Curb

You always hear all the negative about principles and the rules they have, But this principle will go down a hero forever!

An Indiana principal sacrificed her life in order to save the students that were close to being being hit by a school bus.

A heroic school principal lost her life this week in Lawrence Township school district inside of Indiana,  after saving students from an oncoming bus.

Apparently one of the buses in the pick-up line suddenly went in fast forward while the principle was helping the kids get onto the bus and jumped the curb. Jordan was able to push four kids out of the way before she was struck. The two 10-year-olds will recover but were hospitalized with minor injuries.  Principal Jordan was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bus driver told the firefighters she did not know what made the bus lunge like that according to Fox59,

As per protocol she was subjected to a blood draw to check for any alcohol or drugs, but there is no indication she was under the influence. She has no history whatsoever of any moving violations or discipline issues, and she’s been a model employee.

According to IMPD’s Kendale Adams, early indications appear it was a freak accident.

Officials, members of the Lawrence Township school community and many parents posted their condolences on social media. All messages expressed the utmost respect and the fondest of memories of Susan.

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