Here’s Why Your Children Should Watch Television With the Subtitles On

At my house we almost always watch television with the subtitles on. One reason is because I’m getting older and my hearing isn’t what it used to be (If I don’t know what Jack Pearson is saying on ‘This is Us’ than we have a problem) and also because my husband insists on it. English is his second language and even though he speaks, reads and writes it perfectly well, he still wants to make sure he catches every word on the small screen. In fact, we always have our subtitles on regardless of what we’re watching on television.

And now there’s a new report that says watching television with the subtitles is actually a GOOD thing for the kids (of course, for someone like me I have a hard time typing “good” and “television” in the same sentence. I’m THAT mean mom who always limits or takes away screen time at home for my kids). But if your kids are watching an episode of The Disney Channel’s ‘Jessie’ with subtitles on, they might actually get something out of it. Here’s why.

Credit: Shutterstock/ Morrowind

If your kids don’t like reading but love watching television, you might be in luck!

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