Here’s Why Saying ‘108’ to Siri as a Prank Can Be Deadly

Several weeks ago I learned a new Siri trick that I like to teach (and warn) my girlfriends about. I take their phone and ask Siri these three questions: “What’s my name”” “Where do I live?” and “Who was the last person I called?” My girlfriends end up floored with what they see happen next and without even unlocking their iPhones. Siri tells me the phone user’s name, their address and yes, the last person they called, too. I then tell them about how they can disable this feature and only have Siri respond through their unlocked phones. It’s absolutely scrary how anyone can pick up your lost iPhone and retrieve personal information about you without even knowing your password.

And as you can imagine, that’s not the only thing Siri has gotten in trouble for lately (actually we can’t totally blame Siri here as it’s her users who are doing this). There’s a new report that says iPhone users are saying ‘108’ to Siri as part of a new but strange social media craze.

Credit: Shutterstock/Hadrian

This is one viral social media prank you shouldn’t be trying at home.

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