This Father Doesn’t Think Your Kids Should Be the Most Important People in Your Lives

My kids are young. I tend to take care of all of their needs, both basic and not-so-basic (for instance, the other weekend I spent too many hours trying to control the frizz damage on my daughter’s American Girl doll). I haven’t had much of a social life just because I don’t have much time in between my job and my home life. And I can honestly tell you that I’m completely fine without having one for the time being, too.

But for author John Rosemond, he doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, he says that many millennial parents are making a huge mistake by putting their kids first in their lives. Instead, he insists that parents concentrate more on their marriage than their children’s emotional and physical needs.

marriage and kids
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In order words, there’s no need to jump each and every time your child has a request. Here’s what he has to say.

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