Here’s Why Doctors Are Concerned About This Latest Breastfeeding Trend

Breast Milk Popsicle

The trend began when a mother on a Facebook mom group suggested that parents start feeding their children iced breast milk on a stick to help cool down during this summer’s heat wave. One mother even used it as a way to help her child during a terrible bout of teething. Plus, many moms believe It’s the most nutritious things you can feed your baby so freezing breast milk into molds gives your child something that is healthy and cooling.

She wrote:

“I saw on a Facebook group that you can buy lolly molds especially designed for little hands to hold, but with it being so hot yesterday I just used a standard mold, and poured in some breast milk which I had expressed. He enjoyed it so much that he was trying to put the whole thing into his mouth at once and was holding it by the lolly itself. He didn’t even bother with the handle.”

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