Here’s Why Angelina Jolie and Her Children Abruptly Left Target

I like to tell people that Target is my second home. I don’t what it is about the store, but there’s just something about the cleanliness, the lighting, the displays and the selections of good and items in the aisle that make me want to spend my entire day there. Actually, it’s more like an hour but I’m sure you know what I mean!

And for celebrity mothers, they feel the exact same way about our favorite department store. Heck, even our former First Lady Michelle Obama was a HUGE Target fan. But one Hollywood actress in particular recently left the store rather abruptly after employees couldn’t fit the needs of two of her children. And honestly, we don’t blame Angelina Jolie for making a beeline for the exit after this happened.

Angelina Jolie
Credit: Instagram/@fcsko

Why did Angelina Jolie leave Target?

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