Here’s What Your Child’s Birth Order Says About Their Personality

I grew up with just one younger sister. I’ll be honest in telling you that we had a difficult time bonding when we were kids because of our six-year age gap. That’s because by the time I was a teenager, my parents often expected me to be a surrogate mother for my sister. If they were unavailable to volunteer or help at school or soccer practice, I would be there to fill in for them. I was also expected to set an example for her, make her lunch when no one else was around and of course, act like more like a built-in babysitter than a friend.

And because of these expectations, it definitely played a part in shaping our relationship down the road. Because of our birth order, I was the one who made sure we wouldn’t get in trouble while she – ahem – got away with the trouble. I’m sure a lot of siblings can relate.

I mean, let’s face it: a first-born will never act like a middle-born; he will always act like a firstborn or a baby.

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Here’s what you need to know about your child’s birth order and personality.

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