Critics Swarm After Coco Austin Posts a Controversial Breastfeeding Video

I actually feel very fortunate that I breastfed my children way before social media. I mean, trying to take a selfie while simultaneously breastfeeding my baby? No thank you mama. Or getting into silly little social media spats over the benefits of breastfeeding and the convince that is sometime bottle feeding? Again, no thank you mama. While the internet is a great way for some mothers to come together to share their stories, struggles, and success, I’m actually pretty relieved that my breastfeeding days were both private and personal.

Yet, not everyone sees it this way, and that’s OK. It seems like now more than ever before we have our friends, or family members and celebrity moms who want to share their breastfeeding experiences with the world. That’s why fans aren’t surprised that hands-on mama Coco Chanel is updating everyone about how she’s still breastfeeding her 15-year-old daughter Chanel and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Coco Chanel
Credit: Instagram/@Coco

Is Coco Austin our new celebrity breastfeeding hero?

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