Here’s The Real Reason Why We Moms Can’t Lose Our Pregnancy Weight


Pregnancy weight. It’s something a lot of moms don’t like to talk about, but yet it’s on our minds all the time. Whether you’re in your first trimester, or you’ve just given birth or it’s been a few years since having your last baby, let’s face it: we all worry about those three digits that seem to go up and down on a daily basis.

Now, there’s a new report that says why so many mothers out there can never shed their post-baby pounds, no matter how hard they try. The answer is simpler than you think, too.

Here’s what Yahoo Parenting says:

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), women at a normal weight range before pregnancy should gain 25-35 pounds total during pregnancy, including putting on about one pound per week in the second and third trimester. Underweight women should put on between 28-40 pounds. For overweight women, IOM recommends gaining between 15-25 pounds, or 11-20 pounds for obese women.

The problem is that most moms-to-be in the U.S. gain more than these recommended amounts. The study researchers point out that, according to recent estimates, 47 percent of women have a gestational weight gain greater than IOM guidelines. Putting on excess pounds not only makes for a more physically uncomfortable pregnancy (increased back pain, anyone?), it also puts your health at risk.

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