Have Marriage and Fatherhood Changed Ashton Kutcher for the Better?

I totally believe it when people say that marriage and parenthood change some people for the better. Of course, that’s not always the case for everyone but most of the time you do see people either mature or grow along with their family and the results are usually pretty positive.

One person that comes to mind is Hollywood actor, philanthropist and former Prankster Ashton Kutcher.  And of course there were all of those rumors of how he allegedly cheated on his ex-wife Demi Moore with a much younger, hotter and blonder mistress. Ashton managed to go from being an adorable actor to one of the most despicable men in Hollywood in a matter of days.

But apparently, that’s all in the past now. Ashton is now happily married to his wife and best friend, actress Mila Kunis and the couple have two children together. Plus, they like to live a very private life away from the Hollywood spotlight in the entertainment world. And now everyone can’t believe what Ashton has recently said about his life with Mila and their children.

Mila and Ashton
Source: Instagram/ @longlive70sshow

Seriously, this was totally unexpected and definitely not the same Ashton we remember from That 70’s Show. Boy, has he come a long way!

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