Here’s EXACTLY How Mama June Shannon Went From 460 Pounds to a Slim Size 4

Dieting. It sounds like the dirtiest ‘D’ word in the world, right?  The more I think about cutting certain foods out, the more I crave them. Instead, I try to focus on clean eating and grabbing a banana or an orange before reaching out for a bag of Doritos. And then I feel guilty about the chips and try to compensate by eating a salad with a side of air. Like I said, dieting never works.

But for reality television star Mama June Shannon, it’s a whole different story. She recently underwent one of the most shocking transformations of all time. The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star managed to shake off her weight all the way down to a size 4. And as impossible as it may sound, she managed to do it.

Mama June Shannon
Credit: WeTV/Screengrab

This is what Mama June did to lose weight

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