Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix In December

Get ready!

We’re just about hitting the holiday season and Netflix is coming through with one of the best things we could ask for this year in the form of perfect TV shows and movies to watch while we avoid annoying family members. The Netflix December line up is so good you’ll be coming up with excuses to stay up way too late and keep nice and cozy indoors.

Every month the streaming service breaths fresh air into our lives with new titles for us to obsess over, and discuss with our friends. This December isn’t any different because we’re about to get some amazing new finds, but you can expect there to be a little trend — yes, holiday favorites. We’re going to be gifted with some great Christmas classics and some brand new original content as well. Why? Well, Netflix is good to us and we’re so glad.

Netflix December
Credit: Netflix / Fuller House

Holiday content isn’t the only thing we’re going to see in December. Some fan favorites are coming back for another season and we’re definitely ready for it. Yes — that means we have a release date for the third season of Fuller House, the second season of the hit The Crown, and some great movies to catch up on if you’ve not seen them yet.

We’ve got the full line up of movies and TV shows hitting the Netflix December line up — so check them out and start planning your queue!

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