Here’s All You Need To Know To Get The Perfect Full Eyebrow!

Once, when I was probably in my mid twenties, I got carried away tweezing my eyebrows and I tweezed them so thin it was awful! But it was in at the time to have thinner eyebrows so I thought I was being fashionable (where in reality I was really a fashion train wreck with almost non existant eyebrows). These days I almost always have a professional take care of my brows while I just maintain the strays with a good pair of tweezers in between salon visits.

If you haven’t noticed, the full eyebrow trend is back in style, which is a look I love but is also a look that can be difficult for a lot of women to achieve and maintain. Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep up with all these changing styles and trying to figure out how to get our eyebrows ‘on fleek’ as the young people say. recently posted this handy little tutorial that shows you just how to get your eyebrows just perfect with the help of the experts at Rogue NY makeup salon. And the best part is, it’s so easy! Check it out.


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Here are the detailed instructions;

  1. Use a brow pencil to define your natural shape.
  2. Then grab a similarly hued brow powder to fill and thicken.
  3. Lightly scrape a brow or clean mascara brush to keep the look natural. Pro tip: A clear mascara or brow gel will help the look hold.
  4. Add just a touch of highlighter to the brow bone and you’re all set!

Sounds pretty easy to me!


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