12 of the Most Insane Pieces of Pregnancy Advice We’ve Ever Heard

When I was pregnant with my first child, I’ll tell you that my mother-in-law was the most vocal person when it came to giving me unsolicited pregnancy advice. And she did the same thing when my baby was born and she continues to do the same thing by telling me what I should and shouldn’t do with my children.

Fortunately, I’m much older, wiser, more mature and less sensitive today than I was ten years ago. Because she’s my family, I take her advice but I never apply it to my own life. I mean, bless her heart but a lot of her advice comes straight out of the 1960’s. No, my unborn baby isn’t about to drown if I take a bath. No, drinking castor oil won’t kick-start my labor. And no, I’m not causing brain damage to my unborn child by going to the salon to lighten up my highlights.

As moms, more often than not we listen to our own intuitions because we know what we are doing. But that hasn’t stopped friends, family members, strangers and mother-in-laws from giving us their bad advice.

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Here’s the most insane pregnancy advice we’ve ever heard.

1. Don’t Raise Your Arms

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“Don’t raise your arms over your head or the cord will wrap around the baby’s neck.” Excuse me while I go check the calendar just to make sure that it’s not 1955 anymore.

2. Starve Yourself

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Some people have advised pregnant mothers not to eat during their pregnancy to avoid a post-partum pooch. OMG. By no means do not starve yourself during your pregnancy. Eat that chocolate brownie and enjoy yourself, mama!

3. No Sex

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“Don’t have sex because your baby might be watching you during your pregnancy.” How many people actually believe this one? Sex during pregnancy is actually one of the most pleasurable experiences for many women.

In fact, many say it’s when they’ve also experienced their best orgasms in their lives.

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