Here Are Some Thanksgiving-Inspired Names For Your Little Turkey


My daughter wasn’t born on Thanksgiving, but more often than not, her birthday has landed on a Thanksgiving day in the last few years already, which means in addition to having Turkey, we also celebrate with cake.

And while I know a lot of mothers who dread being in the hospital on a holiday, there’s not much we can do when it comes to the timing of our children’s birth. But for those looking to commemorate the day somehow, here are a few Thanksgiving-inspired baby names that literally came over on the Mayflower back in 1620. I can quite honestly see some of these names make a comeback. I mean, who wouldn’t want to name their child Love Brewster? It’s a lifelong moniker they’ll always have to live by!

Thanks to NameBerry for coming up with this awesome list!

Bartholomew Allerton arrived on the Mayflower at the age of seven or eight with his parents, Isaac and Mary and a brother named Remember; he later returned to England.

Constance Hopkins was 14 when she arrived on the Mayflower with her family in 1620.

Damaris Hopkins came on the Mayflower at the age of two with her parents, Stephen and Elizabeth.

Giles Hopkins came with his family on the Mayflower at the age of 12. Pronounced Jiles, this neglected British-accented name was in the US Top 500 at the turn of the last century but hasn’t been heard since around 1950.

Jasper More was only 7 when he tragically died onboard the Mayflower anchored in Provincetown Harbor.

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