Here Are 5 Questions Working Moms Are Tired of Hearing

As parents, we know that one of the hardest parts is dealing with mom guilt. And while I don’t feel it everyday, I do get it once in awhile, and trust me, the feeling sucks. My kids do a fantastic job of making me feel like crap whenever I miss an important school function, forget to sign a reading log, or worse, have to go to work. Yes, work! Because these days a lot of mothers don’t have the opportunity to stay at home with their kids. Both spouses have to go to work to bring home the bacon in order to pay the mortgage on time.

That’s why there are so many of us completely fed up with hearing the same old questions over and over again. Is it not a bit soon to be back at work? Why didn’t you make the most of having time off? Who is looking after your child? Don’t you feel guilty?

mother at work
Credit: Shutterstock/Frank Gaertner

Here are 5 things working moms are tired of hearing everyday!

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