Mom Allegedly Throws Newborn, Breaks His Skull, During Heated Argument With Baby’s Dad


There are sometimes where you hear a news story and you struggle to believe it’s actually true. There have been so many times that’s happened where a story comes out that seems like there is no way a real person could do what they’re accused of. It’s worse when it’s committed against children or little babies, but that’s what Heidy Rios has been accused of doing to her own little baby.

When you become a parent, there is a lot of stress and new things that you have to deal with. For some people, they’re lucky to have the support of a partner or family and friends. Others aren’t in a situation where they can get help and I can’t imagine how challenging that would be.

For some the pregnancy itself wasn’t easy or wasn’t something they were planning for or looking forward to. I can only imagine that makes the postpartum period a lot harder to manage, but there are some things that can’t make sense from that, no matter how you try.

A little baby, not even a month old, is in hospital and the details will straight break your heart. It’s hard to understand what was going on in the mind, but sometimes there are no answers.

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Devan McGuinness

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