Heidi Montag Opens Up About Plastic Surgeries That Almost Took Her Life

The Reality Star Gets Very Candid

Since becoming a mom in October, Heidi Montag has completed dedicated her life to her son, Gunner. She doesn’t use a nanny, she only sleeps a couple of hours at a time, and she’s never spent a day away from her baby. Her life now is a far cry from her days as a reality TV starlet. We first met Heidi when she starred in MTV’s The Hills. She and then-boyfriend Spencer Pratt were very much the dramatic antagonists on the show. And even after the show ended, the couple continued to court controversy. But they settled down, got married, and got pregnant with Gunner last year. It definitely sounds like those days are behind them, but Heidi still has plenty to say.

In a new interview with Paper Magazine, Heidi opens up about her life as a mom, and gets very candid about the plastic surgeries that almost killed her in 2010. The star underwent 10 procedures in 24 hours, and nearly died after taking too much Demerol during her recovery. She says she’s learned a lot from her experiences, and that a lot of positive things came out of her near-death experience.

The new interview with Paper Magazine revealed a lot about Heidi’s life now…

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