Heartwarming moment dad lovingly sings to his baby daughter: ‘You are so beautiful to me’ as she gazes adoringly into his eyes

When a parent has the opportunity to sing a song to their little baby and get them to smile for the first time it is magical.

Well, this is one of those heartwarming moments when you get to see a father lovingly sing ‘you are so beautiful to me’ to his daughter as she gazed so sweetly into his eyes.

The baby girl giggles and looks up at her father as he croons ‘you’re everything I hope for, you’re everything I need’.

But it’s the only time she makes a sound as she silently lets her father’s sing!

This little girl doesn’t take her big eyes off her dad or let her smile go away as he continues to sing, reaching her arm out as if to touch his face.

And after he sings his final note, the father makes sure to give her a big kiss.

This is precious!


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