Hear This Baby Born With Fused Vocal Cords Say ‘Dada’ for the First Time

Milestone moments are such a huge part of having children. The first time they smile, the first time they walk, the first time they say your name are all incredibly emotional moments to witness.

But for one Chicago family hearing their daughter finally speak her first words was even more special after she had to undergo hours of surgery simply to speak.

1 year old Maddie Caputo was born with her vocal cords fused about 75% together, which meant that her airway was only about the size of a straw.

Her parents, Mike and Becca, first noticed something was off when little Maddie’s cry was very quiet and hoarse.

After an examination doctors noticed that her vocal cords were almost fully fused, and had planned to do an operation to fix them as she got older and stronger.

When Maddie was 7 months old she developed an infection and went in to septic shock, prompting doctors to use a breathing tube they use for preemies to resuscitate because her airways were so small.

In August the tot finally underwent the surgery that would give her a voice, and her parents caught her first time saying ‘dada’ on camera.

While hearing your baby say your name is special for anyone, for this family is was that much more meaningful.

baby talks for first time
Credit: Screenshot / Inside Edition

Such an emotional moment

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