Doctors Warn That Wearing Headphones For Too Long Can Cause Blackheads In Your Ears


    Body things gross me out. They just do. I love medical things and can read up on all sorts of disorders and blood doesn’t bother me. But come at me with information like this and I’m all upset about it.Headphones can cause isssssues, people and I’m not talking about all those warnings we heard as a child that tells us that having your headphones too loud can cause hearing issues.

    This is grosser. 

    Headphones are a big part of so many of our lives. We use them to drown out the sound of our kid’s screams. Or we put them on while we’re out in public so other people don’t try and talk to us. They are amazing for that. Headphones are also great for more useful purposes, like people who need assistive devices or use them to play music to calm down anxiety.

    Credit: iStock / AntonioGuillem

    But, let’s be honest here. When was the last time you washed your headphones? The last time you sanitized them? Never? Oh, I’m not surprised.

Devan McGuinness

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