Have You Talked To Your Children About The Paris Attacks? This Magazine Helps Explain Terrorism And ‘Violent People’ To Kids


It absolutely sucks that we live during a time in which we have to explain what terrorism and fear are to our children but after Friday night’s horrific attack that left over 130 people dead in Paris, we have no choice but to tell them the truth. But explaining why people randomly kill others to our children is especially difficult when we don’t even have the right answers ourselves.

According to the Daily Mail though, there’s a new French children’s publication that is directly talking to kids about the Paris attacks. The Astrapi publication has recently distributed a news supplement aimed at children aged from 7-11 to talk to them about the atrocities.

The publication depicts two children are pictured talking about being afraid and a group of young people are depicted behind a shield featuring the French flag and the word ‘liberty’.

What’s more, the magazine also explains the Syrian refugee situation in Europe and the conflict in the Middle East with definitions about terrorism and radicalism and France’s role in the conflicts. The text includes:

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