Mom Shares Urgent Hatchimals Warning After Her Girl Suffers Chemical Burns

Pretty scary.

We know that Hatchimals were supposed to be the toy of the year back in 2016, but as we all know the furry, robotic animal was plagued with problems, including malfunctioning Hatchimals that didn’t hatch along with plenty of troubleshooting problems.

Yet they were also the reason why so many of us waited in long lines for retailers who charged upward of $1,000 apiece for items that retail for about $60. Yup, that’s right. It’s just some of the things we do as crazy but loving parents. But after the presents were unwrapped, some kids encountered a problem: Hatchimals that refused to hatch.

And unfortunately, it’s 2017 and we are still talking about Hatchimals and yes, the toy is still plagued with issues. This time around though it’s not the mechanical toy itself, but a bath bomb with the Hatchimals’ brand name on it. One mom is warning other parents to stay away after her daughter suffered some serious chemical burns while using the bath bomb before bed. Trust me when I say that you won’t believe the photos when you see this. No little child should suffer like this and especially after using a bath bomb or toy. This is nuts!

Here’s what happened after this little girl used a Hatchimals bath bomb!

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