Hasn't she spoken enough?

Isn’t it bad enough that Rielle Hunter had an affair with a married man who had a family, why does she feel we have to hear what she says about their love? Is there a mistress out there who doesn’t feel that “they” are the one that is so special to have pulled them away from their family? Give me a break and shut your trap woman! We don’t care if you think he is now living a life of truth, does that mean when he married and had children with his wife that they were all lies? The kids will love to hear that one. Does it mean he never believed in death do us part when he said his vows to Elizabeth?  What a joke to think that what he had with his wife and family were anything less than truth!  Shame on you and on him and keep your lies to yourself and each other, we sure as hell don’t need to hear it!  Neither do his wife and THEIR children who he never had to lie about!  Pathetic!

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