Happy Camper

It’s summer time again and one thing that goes with summer is summer camp!

Whether you’re deciding between day or overnight camps, Dr. Pete Stavinoha, child psychiatrist from Children’s Medical Center, Dallas helps answer the most common questions about kids camps, how you can get your money’s worth, and what you can do to prepare your children for a fun experience.

(1) How do I pick a camp? First thing you want to think about is selecting camp needs to be based on the child’s interested and parent’s agenda. Dr. Pete encourages parents to think about “can they find a camp that has activities that interest the child.  Make sure the child actually likes what the camp has to offer,” and what the parents need in and from the camp.

(2) What if I want them to go to a certain camp and they don’t like it? Don’t send kids to camp in order to make the child like a particular subject or activity.  Don’t send them to soccer camp if you have great hopes of your child becoming a soccer star. “If you child has never showed interest in chess or athletics, overnight camps are not the best places to start,” Dr. Pete explains. “Begin with something local and shorter term.” This is an investment and it makes no sense to send a child to camp for two weeks when they are going to get only misery and frustration out of it.

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