Mom Sticks Petri Dish Under Hand Dryer In Public Bathroom And Photo Is Pure Horror

Warning: this is utterly disgusting.

Hand dryer: it’s something that we use in public bathrooms when we want to save time or better yet, paper, right? Little do we know though that there might be something pretty gross hiding inside these public bathroom devices.

I know myself that when I use too many paper hand towels I do feel guilty. It’s like I’m being negligent with the environment, one wipe at a time. That’s why I often use a hand dryer. It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all, it’s convenient and it makes you feel like you’ve really washed all of those germs off your hands.

Well after seeing these photos I can promise you that I will never use another public hand dryer in my life. As a matter of fact, no one in my family will. And that’s a promise.

Apparently, there’s more to the public bathroom hand dryer than the eye sees. One mother decided to investigate just how clean the public hand dryers are and her results are utterly shocking and if not horrifying. Let me warn you that the photos you are about to see are truly disgusting. Here’s why.

This woman’s hand dryer experiment will leave you in horror!

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