Parents Are Warned Not to Let Their Children Try on Halloween Costumes or Wigs

When I take my children shopping with me, I always feel pretty uncomfortable when they start putting hats, scarves, hair accessories and even costume wigs on try out in the dressing rooms. You just never know who was the last person to touch these things and if something creepy might be crawling inside a wig before your child puts in their head. That’s why I always discourage my kids from playing dress up in department stores, even though they have so much fun doing it.

And it looks like my intuition might have been right this entire time as there are new reports indicating that Halloween costumes bought in stores might be infested with lice. THAT’S RIGHT! Those disgusting little creatures might make their way from Walmart or Target straight into your house without even knowing it.

kids in costume
Credit: Shutterstock

This is the most important Public Service Announcement you need to hear before the holiday season.

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