Hallmark Is Set To Release 34 New Christmas Movies This Year


    The holidays are a few months away but that won’t stop us from getting excited about it. There is something special about that time of year that really just makes us feel happy and warm. Sometimes all the things we have to do get overwhelming though. Because no one wants to go to their office Christmas party one day then off to the in-laws the next and then have to deal with hosting your extended family. It’s hard work and that’s why we love things like Hallmark and Netflix, and being able to just chill and relax.

    Spring has only just sprung but thanks to people who love to give us things to look forward to, we’re looking ahead. Sure we have the rest of the school year and summer and then the start of the next school year to get through first. But before we know it the Christmas holidays will be here and some of us are already preparing for it.

    Like Hallmark who know that their holiday movies they put on each year give us everything we need. The channel is known for making great made-for-TV movies that have all the things we want it in. There’s mystery. There is drama. The movies have romance, and crime. And it’s all wrapped up into perfect everything is figured out at the end bows.

    Hallmark Channel
    Credit: Hallmark Channel

    We like that in our holiday movies. The drama we seek without actually being involved in the drama. It’s perfect.

    Well, because we deserve a little Christmas spirit early, Hallmark have announced that they are giving us what we want and need a little early.

    The company has announced that they are making more Hallmark-style holiday movies this year and we have got all the details.

Devan McGuinness

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