Hair and Makeup Ideas to Speed up Your Morning Routine

Hair and Makeup Ideas to Speed up Your Morning Routine

By Michele Meyer

Hair and make up ideas to speed up your morning routine.Beauty is brutal, especially in the morning. You often have five minutes – a mere 300 seconds – to pull yourself together. When battling puffy eyes, blotchy skin and less-than-sexy bed head, “go with minimum product for maximum impact,” says Ramy Gafni, creator of Ramy Cosmetics. Here are his and other pros’ step-by-step makeup and hair tips on looking your best under the morning sun gun:

In 2 ½ minutes: A fresh face

First, apply tinted BB (beauty balm) or CC (color-correcting) cream, especially under your eyes and around the chin and base of the nose. “Look for active ingredients, like antioxidants and SPF (sun protection),” Gafni says. “Why not diminish fine lines while perfecting your canvas?” Add another layer where you need concealer. If you have oily skin, add a dusting of translucent power in your T-zone.

Next, paint your lips, cheeks and then eyelids with a single gloss, cream or three-in-one soft pencil that’s peachy, light bronze or pale pink. Judge the shades first on your eyes, Gafni says. “If they don’t look good there, they’re not right for you.”

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