Gwen Stefani Makes An Announcement That Has All Her Fans Screaming

"I have been so fortunate"

Gwen Stefani is one of those hot moms that seems to do everything and it turns into gold. She’s been a singer for a long time. I remember singing her stuff back in middle school and the music she puts out today is still catchy and I find myself singing it when I’m folding laundry (JK, I don’t fold laundry… but you know what I mean… when I’m just out and about doing nothing). She’s got three adorable kids, was married to the guy who we all knew as the dude with three names in two. She got divorced, got real about that which made us love her more. And now she’s been with a new dude for some time.

We’ve gotten to see more of Gwen Stefani on TV thanks to her stints on The Voice. She’s adorable and cute in her relationship with PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton. The two seem so perfect together and while Blake doesn’t have any children of his own, it’s nice to see him bond with Gwen’s three children: Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma.

Credit: Snapchat/Gwen Stefani

Now Gwen has made her fans even more happy with an announcement that we thought was just a matter of time before it happens. We’re so happy for her it’s hard to contain our own excitement.

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