How To Grow Long Eyelashes

How To Grow Long Eyelashes… This S*** works!

Eyes are the windows to our soul as they say. To me, they are the most important features on our face!  So when it comes to our lashes, since they frame our eyes, they are also important and need to be featured!

I have heard of the temporary/permanent glued on individual lashes, but also understand that some can pull your real lashes out in the process.


EYELASHES1As a make-up/hair stylist for the entertainment industry, I sure as heck knew about the temporary glue on strips, that feel like you have a small animal sleeping on your eye lids. Extension lengthening mascara….Ha!

I decided to try and purchase one of the liquid eyelash growing products Grande Lash.  I surely did not expect much, BOY was I wrong!  I apply once before bed…..that’s it.  Not only did my eyelashes grow and fill in, but they actually grew so much I now have to trim them! It suggest searching the online to find the best pricing. I found it to vary on different websites.

Grand LashI wish I had before pictures to share but I don’t. Here are a couple pictures I took of the after and when I say after, I am talking maybe a week and a half.

One photo is pre-mascara and one after… and of course I curl my lashes due to the fact that I was blessed with curly hair and straight lashes, Thank you God, Mom and Dad. (sarcasm)

No Mascara
No Mascara

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